Fishing magnet 01 42 mm

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Diameter: 42 mm | Temperature: 80 °C

Detailed information

Product detailed description

Finding things with the help of strong "MAGNET FISHING" magnets has recently become very popular and also a real hobby.

Thanks to handy and strong neodymium magnets, being suitably designed for this hobby, you can find a lot of long-lost metal objects in a pond, river, septic tank, swimming pool, fountain, or sewer. The magnet is also a great helper for cleaning your workshop and garage when collecting strewn metal chips and sawdust, cuttings, or screws.

Not only scrap metal but also a real treasure - old coins, jewelry, firearms, or war artifacts can lie below the water level at the bottom. Others can use magnet fishing to pull out things that have just fallen into the water. Good luck when hunting!

Additional parameters

Category: Fishing magnets
Type: Neodym (NdFeB)
Diameter: 42 mm
Length: 90 mm
Pull force: 8310 Gs
Weight: 800 g
Temperaturee resistance: 80 °C

Fishing magnet 01 42 mm