Magnetic mini filter for heating - ¾“ / 9,000 g / 12 bar

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Detailed information

Product detailed description

The magnetic mini filter removes iron, nickel and cobalt particles from water. It extends the lifetime of your boiler and increases fuel efficiency. It is ideal for installation under wall-mounted boilers, even in small spaces.

The connection dimensions of the magnetic filter for heating are ¾". We recommend placing the magnetic filter in front of the pump (as e.g. in front of the heating water inlet into the boiler).

The magnetic filter is designed for use up to a pressure of 12 bar.

It is equipped with an 800-µm eye size sieve - thus can capture very small even non-magnetic contaminants. Metal impurities are captured by a magnetic rod fitted with very strong neodymium magnets whose magnetic induction is 9,000 G. The magnetic rod can perfectly capture even very fine ferromagnetic dirt, leading to a lifetime extension of circulatory pumps used in the heating system.

Both the magnetic rods and sieve can be easily cleaned.

Nowadays, magnetic filters for heating systems are an essential part of each installation.

Connection dimensions:

  • On the boiler side: 3/4"M (ISO 228-1)
  • On the side of return water: 3/4" M (ISO 228-1)

What material are the individual magnetic filter components made of?:

  • Magnetic filter body: reinforced nylon PA66
  • Spherical valve: HPB59-3

Additional parameters

Category: Magnetic filters for heaters
Medium: water, ethylene glycol solution
Pressure resistance: 12 bar
Temperature resistance: 0-90 °C
Diameter of filter holes: 800 µm
Magnetic induction: 0,9 T = 9,000 G