Magnetic filters for heaters

Magnetic filters for heaters are devices used for capturing ferromagnetic impurities in the heating system. They protect the heating system from damage and extend the working life, especially of circulating pumps.

Modern circulating pumps, whether they are located inside or outside boilers, are nowadays characterized by low energy demand - thanks to using magnetic inserts. However, this pump construction can cause the deposition of metallic impurities, which are typical for heating systems. This can cause pump damage.

Therefore, we recommend placing a magnetic filter in front of the pump (e.g. in front of the heating water inlet to the boiler). It eliminates potential problems with metal impurities and ensures a long working life for the boiler pumps.

Nowadays, magnetic filters for heating systems are therefore an essential part of every installation.

The magnetic filter selection should be made based on the size and type of heating system, water flow and other specifications.

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