Magnetic tools

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MTL E11 109466 01 min
from €489,55 excl. VAT
from €592,36
Code: MTL-E11-109466
RM20X16N 110189 01 min
€327,67 excl. VAT
Code: RM20X16N-110189
RM25X7N 110175 01 min
€119,09 excl. VAT
Code: RM25X7N-110175
RM32X7N 110187 01 min
€123,93 excl. VAT
Code: RM32X7N-110187
RM57X10.5F 100051 01 min
€114,36 excl. VAT
Code: RM57X10.5F-100051
RM63X14F 122362 02 min
€18,62 excl. VAT
Code: RM63X14F-122362
RM80X18F 122363 02 min
€31,60 excl. VAT
Code: RM80X18F-122363

Magnetic manipulation tools help to transfer steel sheets or other parts. Working with a magnetic manipulator also reduces the risk of an accident at work.

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