Magnetic chucks

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MM50420600 01 min
from €6 183,39 excl. VAT
from €7 481,90

Possibility to machine the workpiece from 5 sides, drill through or machine uneven workpieces The stop blocks can be moved freely to any side Slot round the entire perimeter...

Code: MM50420600
MAXG200 01 min
from €1 284,97 excl. VAT
from €1 554,81

Solid steel body Top plate with parallel pole configuration Continuous adjustment of the holding force Waterproof design Double magnetic system

Code: MAXG200
NEOC100175 01 min
from €616,82 excl. VAT
from €746,35

Solid and waterproof design High stability and accuracy of the chuck during surface grinding Possibility to clamp even the thinnest parts Long life span thanks to the fixed...

Code: NEOC100175
NEOMC150250 01 min
from €846,87 excl. VAT
from €1 024,71

Compact dimensions and a high holding force - 160 N/cm2 Long life span thanks to an unparalleled regrinding limit for the top plate up to 10 mm Holding surface with uniform...

Code: NEOMC150250
NEOS150 01 min
from €954,33 excl. VAT
from €1 154,74

Compact top plate made of one piece of steel with radial poles Suitable for turning and circular grinding Very powerful double magnetic system with neodymium magnets Steel...

Code: NEOS150

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