E101059 01 min
€0,23 excl. VAT

Diameter D: 10 mm | H: 1,5 mm | Pull force: approx. 970 g (approx. 9.51 N) | Temperature: 80°C

Code: E101059
MC10102 01 min
€2,58 excl. VAT

Diameter D: 13 mm | L: 11.5 mm | H: 4.5 mm | Pull force: 60 N | Temperature: 80 °C

Code: MC10102
a543 webA4 min
€3,49 excl. VAT
Code: E301008
MKK N 102093 01 min
€20,37 excl. VAT

Diameter D: 16 mm

Code: MKK-N-102093
SM200N 103077 01 min
€296,61 excl. VAT

Diameter D: 250 mm | H: 200 mm

Code: SM250N-104944
MP2001 01 min
€6,50 excl. VAT

Width: 30 mm | Thickness: 1 mm | Colour: white | Writable marker

Code: MP2001
MR TT 100X100 N 01 min
from €111,65 excl. VAT
from €135,10

Pull-out system for easy cleaning | Temperature resistance: 80 °C | Magnetic induction: 9000 Gs  

Code: MR-TT 100X100 N
NEOMC150250 01 min
from €1 006,53 excl. VAT
from €1 217,90

Compact dimensions and a high holding force - 160 N/cm2 Long life span thanks to an unparalleled regrinding limit for the top plate up to 10 mm Holding surface with uniform...

Code: NEOMC150250
a676 webHL min
from €43,14 excl. VAT
from €52,20

1 x M8 threaded | Magnetic rod with a diameter of 25 mm | Temperature resistance: 80 °C | Magnetic induction: 13500 Gs

Code: MTN 25X100 N

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