Magnetic sheet separator

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The sheet metal cleaner is without a console!!

  • To MC-F80, MC-F130, MC-F230 will be CONZOLE K01 (code: K01-105767)
  • To MC-F330, MC-F430, MC-F530 will be CONZOLE K02 (code: K02-105768)

Detailed information

Product detailed description

The MC SOLLAU magnetic sheet metal separator is fitted with strong ferrite magnets as standard and is used for easy removal of stacked metal sheets (a separator with extremely powerful neodymium NdFeB magnets can be supplied on special request).

The basic components making up a magnetic sheet separator are a magnetic block in a stainless steel casing and a support bracket (for mounting the magnetic block).

Standard ferrite metal sheet separators MC SOLLAU are designed for ferromagnetic sheets up to 3 mm thick and for stacks of metal sheets with a maximum height of up to 530 mm. To select the right type (and amount) of required magnetic sheet separators, the size and strength of individual ferromagnetic sheets, stack height, and also the surface treatment of sheets are to be defined (i.e. whether the sheets are sticky - oil-treated or dry), because all these parameters affect the application of the separators. Therefore, a client working, e.g. with dry 1 mm thick metal sheets, having dimensions 900 x 600 mm and a stack height of 50 mm, needs a diametrically different magnetic sheet separator than a processor of oiled sheets with a thickness of 2.5 mm, dimensions 2,000 x 1,000 mm and a stack height of 500 mm (while in the former case one piece of the weakest the MC-F80 sheet separator will be sufficient, in the latter case several separators of the strongest type MC-F530 need to be applied at the same time).

The application of a magnetic sheet separator is very simple. It will be simply attached to the sheet metal stack and a strong magnetic field separates (segregates) the individual metal sheets (then, these can be quickly, comfortably, and mainly safely removed for further processing without tools, because after removing the top sheet, the sheet below automatically moves upwards).

CONSOLE NAME CONSOLE CODE H (mm) X (mm) Y (mm) Z (mm) Connecting screws
CONSOLE 01 K01 170 110 160 40 M8
CONSOLE 02 K02 280 110 200 50 M8
MC-F Maximum sheet height (mm) A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) Connection Maximum sheet thickness (mm) Required console type
MC-F80 80 110 115 42 2x M8 thread 3 K01
MC-F130 130 160 115 42 4x M8 thread 3 K01
MC-F230 230 260 115 42 4x M8 thread 3 K01
MC-F330 330 360 115 42 4x M8 thread 3 K02
MC-F430 430 460 115 42 4x M8 thread 3 K02
MC-F530 530 560 115 42 4x M8 thread 3 K02

Advantages of permanent magnetic sheet MC separators:

  • the magnetic field generated by these sheet metal separators is strong, stable, and unchanging for many years
  • small size and low weight
  • compared to other sheet metal separation systems (e.g. with compressed air, etc.), sheet metal separation with magnetic separators is much less expensive
  • no laborious mechanical separation of metal sheets glued with a layer of oil, polish, etc.; reduction of the risk damage to the surface of the sheets during their automatic removal and processing
  • exceptional design allows the use of a single base bracket to mount up to four different types of magnetic sheet separator blocks (i.e., if the client has already purchased one SOLLAU sheet separator base, and he possibly needs an otherwise strong separator, he does not buy another console again - he only buys another magnetic block, easily attachable to the console with screws)
  • magnetic blocks can also be used separately without the sheet separator base (however, the application of the separator together with the console is much easier)

Sheet metal separators are widely used in the engineering, steel, and automotive industries; they are a necessary helper for sellers and distributors of metallurgical materials, etc.