Magnetic grate separator in housing MSS-MC

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Version with flanges JACOB

Detailed information

Product detailed description

The magnetic grate separator is designed to separate in a quick and easy way magnetic iron contamination from free-flowing substances of good bulk properties.

Model Max. flow capacity** Weight
Tube diameter
Distances between lower tubes
Distances between upper tubes
Distances between lower and upper tubes (mm)
MSS-MC 150/5 N 7 m3/h 20 300 275 225 149 32 32 32 23
MSS-MC 200/5 N 8 m3/h 23 300 320 285 199 32 32 32 23


  • Easy cleaning
  • Interception of Fe particles from 1 micron
  • Made-to-measure production of the separator

Magnetic induction:
18 700 G

Technical parameters:

Separator placement: inside of a pipeline
Material flow direction: vertical
Number of magnetic tubes: 5
Max. magnetic induction (G): 18 700 G
Maximum capacity. The mentioned capacities are informative and non binding: 7 m3/h (MSS-MC 150/5 N) and 9 m3/h (MSS-MC 200/5 N)
Connecting dimension, inlet and outlet diameter of the separator: 150 mm (MSS-MC 150/5 N) and 200 mm (MSS-MC 200/5 N)
Minimum size of the particles that can be captured by the separator: 0.03 mm
Max. operating temperature: 80 °C
Weight of the product: 20 kg (MSS-MC 150/5 N) and 23 kg (MSS-MC 200/5 N)

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