Magnetic handling tool MTL-E

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KÓD MODEL Weight (kg)
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E509001 MTL-E4 0,60 120 75
E509002 MTL-E8
260 160
E509003 MTL-E11 1,00



Equipped with very strong neodymium magnets, the MTL-E is a highly sophisticated type of professional magnetic collector.

The main advantages of the MTL-E collector:

  • above-standard magnetic induction (12,000 G) guarantees safe handling even with very small magnetic parts
  • high heat resistance (up to 80°C for standard design)
  • the hermetically sealed magnetic core in a stainless steel housing (protects the magnet itself, and contributes to easy maintenance of the magnet's work surface at the same time)
  • by pulling the demagnetization lever, the distance between the magnetic core and the stainless steel surface gets bigger and the magnet-held objects will be immediately released
  • work with the magnetic collector is very simple and user-friendly; potentially dangerous or inappropriate direct contact with the moving parts is largely eliminated
  • this device is disposable in three different sizes so that the client can choose the collector version that best suits his needs
  • unlike similar competing products, the MTL-E has a completely original construction; it is very low, relatively light, and well ergonomically shaped (these advantages will be positively reflected not only in the application itself but also e.g. in the product storage)

The MTL-E magnetic hand-held collector is designed especially for handling and displacing small magnetic objects in manufacturing companies, workshops, warehouses, etc., more or less in all industrial fields.