Neodymium latch magnet kit (diameter: 28,7 mm)

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Das Set beinhaltet 1 Neodym-Magnet im Stahlgehäuse, 1 Schließblech aus Stahl, 2 Schrauben

Detailed information

Product detailed description

These neodymium latch magnet (called also door stop) kits have a wide range of uses, they are often used as latches for gates, doors, chests or cabinets.

The application of very strong neodymium magnets results in a high pull strength. As the magnet is embedded in a steel cup, it is protected from damage and, at the same time, the steel cup increases the strength of the magnet.

There is a hole in the back of the steel cup, so you can easily attach it to the desired place using the included screw. The set also includes a steel strike plate with a hole in order to screw it to the cabinet door (the screws are included in the package). And if you counterbore the holes in the wood, you can flush mount the latch magnetic kit.

The set includes:

  • 1 neodymium magnet dia. 28.7 mm in a steel cup
  • 1 steel strike plate
  • 2 screws

Additional parameters

Category: Furniture magnets
Diameter: 28.7 mm
Height: 7 mm
Pull strength: 140 N = 14 kg