Star-shaped hopper magnet SM dia. 250x200 mm (NdFeB)

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Diameter D: 250 mm | H: 200 mm

Detailed information

Product detailed description

The magnetic separator of the star-shaped construction represents the most economical way of separating ferromagnetic particles from the material flow, free-falling through the hopper of the injection molding press (re-granulate, crushed material, etc.). The separator protects injection molding presses fitted by a classical conical hopper against damage (prevents metal particles from intrusion into the worm-gear and jet mechanism). The magnetic star-shaped separator is equipped with very strong NdFeB neodymium magnets, thanks to which it can capture even the finest metallic dust particles.

During cleaning, the star will be pulled out from the hopper of the injection molding press and the trapped ferromagnetic material will be removed mechanically or with compressed air. The advantages of this type of magnetic separator are low purchase and operating costs, easy use, simple assembling, and short delivery time. We can adapt the dimensions and overall star design to your needs.

The magnetic separator into the hopper of the injection molding press (a star) is used mainly in recycling processes and in the plastics industry.

Additional parameters

Category: Hopper magnets
Weight: 2 kg
H: 200 mm
Diameter D: 250 mm
Magnet material: Neodymium NdFeB
Weight: 2.1 kg