Forklift magnetic sweeper

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Detailed information

Product detailed description

The forklift magnetic sweeper is designed to remove ferrous metals (like nails, tacks, nuts, bolts, screws, paperclips, wires, metal shavings, etc.) from large floor areas (the width of the magnetic broom is 1500 mm). The forklift magnetic sweeper is often used to clean car parks, large industrial areas, warehouses, scrap yards (where metals are bought and recycled) and in general at all places where nails and other ferrous objects can occur and cause tire defects. There is a very simple rule - collect the nails before they cause you a puncture!

You can easily mount the forklift magnetic sweeper onto the forks of a forklift truck using two pockets. Once mounted, the broom is fixed into position with two safety brackets.

The magnetic broom is equipped with ferrite magnets and its advantage is an easy cleaning system. Pull the handle (placed at the top of the forklift magnetic sweeper) to lift the magnet away from the sweeper bottom and the collected metal will simply fall off.

Additional parameters

Category: Magnetic sweepers
Weight: 16 kg
Width of the magnetic working area: 150 cm
Magnet type: ferrite magnets
Construction material: aluminum