Magnetic tape rewritable (30x1 mm) - white

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Width: 30 mm | Thickness: 1 mm | Colour: white | Writable marker

Detailed information

Product detailed description

The magnetic white strip is made of a flexible magnetic foil. On the top, the foil is laminated with a white glossy polyethylene terephthalate (PET) writable layer. You can use the magnetic strip directly on any metal surface such as metal walls, doors, and gates, or a refrigerator door. The strip is writable with a water-based marker. Lettering can be erased more than 100,000 times without damaging the strip surface.

This portable flexible white strap is suitable for use in households, offices, or for marking warehouse shelves. Because this product is very flexible, it can be easily cut with ordinary scissors.

We sell this 30 mm wide product wound to a max. length of 30 m.

Additional parameters

Category: Coloured magnetic tapes
Type: Ferrite
Colour: White
Thickness: 1 mm
Width: 30 mm