Flexible metal foil, white, rewritable 120 x 90 cm

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Length: 120 cm | Width: 90 cm | Thickness: 0,5 mm | Colour: white glossy | Self-adhesive writable marker

Detailed information

Product detailed description

This metal white sheet is made of a flexible rubber-metal foil laminated with a white glossy writable layer of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) on the top side and with a thick self-adhesive layer on the bottom. Therefore, you can stick this metal foil to a wall or surface made of any material. You can use a water-based marker to write on this surface and then erase all the writing more than 100,000 times without damaging the foil surface. Besides, you can attach any magnet from our assortment to the surface of this metal foil.

This portable flexible whiteboard is suitable for use in households, offices, or training centers. As this product is very flexible, it can be easily cut with ordinary scissors.

Additional parameters

Category: Rewritable metal foils (sheets)
Colour: White glossy
Description: Self-adhesive writable with a marker
Length: 120 cm
Thickness: 0,5 mm
Weight: 1,9 kg
Width: 90 cm