Magnet for bag filters with a short carrier of 323 mm, MSF-S

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Long carrier for 1-2 magnetic rods 200 mm long | Carrier dimensions: 162x323 mm | The carrier does not include magnetic bars - buy a magnetic bar 

Detailed information

Product detailed description

It is possible to use one or two magnetic bars in the carrier (depending on the customer's requirements for the product purity). The carrier includes stainless steel protective tube(s) into which the magnetic rod(s) will be  inserted. That is why the ferrous particles keep captured on the surface of the protective tube(s). The cleaning is very easy, just pull the magnetic rod(s) out of the stainless steel protective tube(s) and the trapped ferrous particles will fall off. Thanks to the application of magnetic rods with an optimally designed magnetic circuit, there is achieved a high magnetic induction of 9000 G on the surface of the protective tube (i. e., at the point of contact with the treated material).

The carrier of the magnetic rods is designed to comply in size with the sleeve filters used.

Another major reason for using our separator (besides the high level of magnetic separation) is the fact that using the magnet bag filters extends the lifetime of used textile filters. This results in also reduced costs and longer replacement intervals.


According to your discretion, insert one or two magnetic rods into the carrier. Insert the magnetic separator, built-up in this way, into the bag filter. You will achieve a highly efficient device to separate very fine ferromagnetic and non-magnetic particles as well. Insert the fabric filter (with the magnet inside) into the filter device.

Which way is megntet cleaned?

  1. Take out the carrier with magnets from the textile filter.
  2. Gradually remove the magnetic rods from the carrier and put them in a safe place.
  3. Metals caught on the cover tubes of the carrier fall off spontaneously (no longer held with magnets). In case of need you can clean them manually by wiping or a water stream.
  4. Insert the magnetic rods back into the carrier and the carrier put back into the fabric filter.

Model family:

MSF-S Magnet for bag filters with a short carrier

  • High separation quality 
  • Dimensionally compatible with 'sleeve' filters in use

Additional parameters

Category: Magnets into bag filters
Weight: 1.2 kg
Length: 323 mm
Diameter: 162 mm