Magnetic paper A4 glossy white

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Format: A4 (297 x 210 mm) | Thickness: 0.35 mm | Colour: white glossy

Detailed information

Product detailed description

The magnetic paper represents a combination of photo paper with a thin layer of the magnetic sheet. Magnetic paper adheres to most magnetic surfaces. You can cut this magnetic paper to your liking without losing its magnetic properties. Thanks to the magnetic base, you can attach them just like flat pieces of magnets.

With this product you will create:

  • own magnetic photos (great gift e.g. for the fridge door)
  • business cards
  • labels
  • other promotional materials

The undoubted advantage of magnetic paper, e.g. compared to stickers, is that it is made of a material that does not scratch, damage, or contaminate any surface used.

Magnetic paper is designed for inkjet printers! Use original printer ink cartridges! Before using magnetic paper, make sure that your printer allows using the magnetic paper (see the printer's manual).

Load only 1 sheet of magnetic paper in the printer feeder. Do not touch the white side to be printed on and do not fold the paper unnecessarily. When printing, select the type of special paper or another one, or photo paper resp. Some printers will automatically adjust to the paper. If the final print is exposed to increased humidity, let the paper dry thoroughly for 24 hours first. In case of need, read the printer's manual.

Keep magnetic paper clean and dry and use it indoors only. A humid environment can cause discoloration. Use the magnetic paper immediately after opening the package and store it on a clean, smooth, and even surface, with the print side up. Protect the product from direct sunlight. Protect the printed paper from direct sunlight as well.

Use the original ink cartridges recommended by the printer manufacturer to achieve sufficient print quality. This will ensure the stability and balance of black and white and color printing.

When cut or torn into small parts, the object is not suitable for children under 3 years of age. There is a risk of loosening small parts and choking or suffocation. The subject contains magnetic parts. If swallowed or inhaled, seek medical help immediately.

Additional parameters

Category: Magnetic paper
Format: A4
Coating: Gloss
Colour: White
Thickness: 0.35 mm