Permanent lifting magnet NEO HOT

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Facilitate workpiece handling in hot environment. Neo Hot permanent magnet for lifting with strong neodymium magnets is suitable for temperatures up to 180 °C.

Detailed information

Product detailed description

W (mm)
L (mm)
H (mm) Eye diameter
Max. tested capacity
Workload limit flat materials
Workload limit round materials
Min/max diameter
NEOL125H 60 93 120 10 3 450 125 40 40/100
NEOL250H 100 152 180 16 10 800 250
NEOL500H 120 246 180 20 21 1600 500 250 65/270
NEOL1000H 146
236 20 40 3200 1000
NEOL1500H 165 374 273
69 4700 1500
NEOL2000H 165 478 273 20 90 6200 2000
Important parameters:
  • Application: Lifting
  • Technology: Permanent
  • Nominal lifting capacity for flat material: up to 2000 kg
  • Nominal lifting capacity for round material: up to 1000 kg
  • Temperature: max. 180 °C
  • Safety factor: 3+ (tested according to EN 13155)


  • Handling and lifting of not only hot loads Handling flat and round workpieces
  • Handling sheets and profiled sections

Scope of supply:

  • Magnet with label
  • nstructions for use
  • Certificate
Detailed description:

The NEO HOT permanent lifting magnet is designed for a long life span even in the most demanding operations at working temperatures up to 180 °C. Its design makes it possible to handle flat and round load profiles. The high lifting capacity is achieved by using a double magnetic circuit of strong neodymium magnets.

The EASY SWITCH design provides safe magnet switching. Operation of the magnet is very easy and can be done with just one hand. Emphasis is also placed on safety for the NEO Hot permanent lifting magnet: Testing is carried out by simulation of conditions in real operation, including the Air Gap Test. Even through the air gap, the achieved safety factor of this magnet (based on break-away test) is 3+. In other words, the maximum theoretical lifting capacity is equal to more the three times the nominal capacity.


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