Welding magnet, magnetic earth terminal for welding 300A

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Dimensions: 71 x 60 x 42 mm | Pull force: 40 kg | Weight: 370 g

Detailed information

Product detailed description

Description of the function

Simply place the welding magnet on the work surface and turn the control wheel. The magnet will snap in and ground the welding circuit. Just as easily remove the welding magnet, solely turn the wheel again. Thanks to the possible switching off the magnetic force, the fastening magnet can be thoroughly cleaned of iron dust and dirt.

You can attach the welding magnet quickly and easily!

  • quick and easy attaching and grounding,

  • convenient handling for welders,

  • reliable grounding of the welding circuit,

  • control wheel for switching on/off the magnetic force,

  • high magnetic force - the magnet holds well on flat and rounded surfaces.
A  60 mm
B  32 mm
C  71 mm
D  36 mm
E  42 mm


Additional parameters

Category: Welding magnets
Type: Neodymium
Dimensions: 71 x 60 x 42 mm
Magnetization: N42
Pull force 2: 40 kg
Thread: M10
Weight: 370 g